Nicola Pozzani has worked in fragrance worldwide, specialising in luxury artisanal fragrance and innovation. He is also a qualified Yoga Teacher.

A graduate from the 'Universita dell’Immagine' of Milan, where he studied perfumery under Master Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, Nicola started his career with global fragrance companies Symrise and LVMH. Nowadays he is Bespoke Perfumer for Floris London.

Nicola pioneered the teaching of fragrance in art and design at Kingston University and holds workshops at London College of Fashion (UAL), Slade School of Fine Arts (UCL), Winchester School of Arts (University of Southampton) in the UK and HKB Bern University of the Arts in Switzerland.

With Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel he worked on the production of scent sculptures for the Venice Architecture Biennale. Nicola has presented, amongst others, for the Victoria & Albert Museum, British Society of Perfumers, Luxe Pack and Scent Marketing Institute in NYC.

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Nicola Pozzani