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Maggie Rosen

A transplanted New Yorker and former banker, Maggie covers wine and other subjects for French and English language media. She has edited Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine and several books in Mitchell Beazley’s Classic Wine Library series, and was co-author of The Wine Box (Connections Publishing UK) and Wine: Wit and Wisdom (Think Publishing). She loves investigating new commercial and cultural trends.

I agree with the sentiments that have been expressed so eloquently by my classmates. DWS is a special and unique course, and I cannot recall the last time I spent a week in such good company – fascinating and lively students, and enthusiastic and generous lecturers and guests – exploring such an interesting subject. At the risk of being melodramatic, I really fell this course will change my life in some way, though I don’t yet know how. Please do keep in touch, and count me in for “DWS 2.0”.